Use a Winnipeg Photographer and enhance curb appeal when selling your home.


I know, you have heard it before and we all think about it, but does it get done? Creating great curb appeal will dramatically increase the quality of the outdoor photographs of the home as well as increase the appeal to potential buyers as they drive up to your open house. Spending time on the outside of your home will attract more buyers and sell your home faster. In Winnipeg, after the winter we have had, we can definitely see yards that are desperate for some attention. We have photographed a number of homes in the past few weeks, and while some have seen some great work being done outside, others have simply lagged behind. Have a look at the virtual tour of this weeks Feature Home, being offered by David Barton of the Sutton Group, and see just how one seller has prepared their back deck for photographs.

Lets start with some simple tips..

  1. Pick up the trash, dog toys (among other things), children’s toys and left over shovels from the winter season.
  2. Store the garbage cans, bikes,  rakes, hoses and other things that will de-clutter the yard of the home.
  3. Wash the windows, sweep the steps and driveway, get rid of all that sand gravel and grime left by the harsh winter. Pressure wash if necessary or possible, it will make a huge difference
  4. Rake and de-thatch your lawn to promote new growth. Rid your yard of dead leaves, shrubs, flower remains etc. Water and fertilize your lawn and plants to encourage growth.
  5. If your yard is void of plants, consider planting some inexpensive shrubs or plants. Look for shrubs that will look good together. Planting in threes is aesthetically and visually pleasing.
  6. Check to ensure all outdoor lighting is working.
  7. Ensure that the paint is not pealing and that your home appear clean and fresh. A quick coat of paint will go a long way.
  8. Your front door creates a big impression, is it clean, with good paint or stain and appealing?

Doing these simple things will help to create great curb appeal and will assist in creating great photographs to drive more traffic to your home.

Happy Selling.  🙂

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